Since day one, care for our customers has been a pillar at The Bearded Savant. Suffice it to say, it’s been a journey. We have worked tirelessly to develop a collection that will meet the needs of every man. We do this by sourcing quality ingredients and developing quality scents. So it brings me great joy to announce that we have made one giant leap forward to provide our customers with the best of the best. Starting the first of the year we have moved to USDA Organic carrier oils, butters, and waxes. 

Organic Ingredients

Sourcing quality organic ingredients is no small task but you are worth every effort! After numerous suppliers, countless sample products, even more suppliers, we think we’ve finally hit pay dirt. Your beard oil is now made with organic jojoba and sweet almond oil. Your balm, wax, and cologne is now made with a combination of organic Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and/or jojoba.  

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

As always, we will continue to use only top of the line essential oils. Prior to receiving them, every batch of essential oil is run through a battery of tests ranging from microbial testing and mass spectroscopy to isotopic analysis and heavy metal testing. Our supplier CERTIFIES every dram of oil has no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants.  

Rest assured, when your skin absorbs our product—and it will—there is nothing but natural goodness making its way into your bloodstream.  


Solid Cologne

We are beyond excited to announce the release of The Bearded Savant Solid Cologne. From the inception of The Bearded Savant we have been dreaming of this day. In this cologne is the summation of many late nights testing different ingredient blends to achieve just the right consistency, an incredible amount of product testing, and hours envisioning just how to maximize the customer experience. Now we’re here: Launch Day


“So we set out to create an intimate cologne, a cologne that is just for you and the one you allow closest to you, and nobody else.”

Why solid cologne? 

There are two reasons we have wanted to create this product. The first is pretty basic, and that is bearded men want cologne too. It would be unfair of us to encourage men to use our fantastic products then ask them to wear a jarringly different scent, created in a French lab, and retailing for over $100, when they want to go out. Our thought has always been that if you love the scents enough to wear them in your beard or mustache every day, why not create the Date Night/Friday Night/Out-with-the-guys Night/Clubbing version as well?

Secondly, we have always been turned off by the guy who wears too much of a pungent cologne that precedes him by 15-20 feet. That’s trying too hard. That is the antithesis of our Live Handsome motto. So, we set out to create an intimate cologne, a cologne that is just for you and the one you allow closest to you, and nobody else. 

Lastly, why a solid cologne? Cologne is made to be used but your typical cologne bottle is not very user friendly nor is it conducive to a man on the go. We want this product to be something you can leave on your bathroom counter, throw in your briefcase or gym bag, leave in your top desk drawer, or even toss in the top of your overnight pack so you can handsome-up when you make it back to the trailhead. Basically, we want this cologne to be wherever you need it, whenever you want it. Our solid cologne, in a simple yet elegant tin, makes all these things possible.

Why this cologne?

Why choose The Bearded Savant Cologne? I think we can all agree that cologne is way too expensive. We all have so many commitments pulling on our wallets, why should feeling comfortable in your own skin be one of them?  By going with a solid cologne, you can easily control how much is applied helping the product to last much longer than the alternative. Second, as we mentioned earlier, you already love the beard and mustache products, why should we ask you to wear a conflicting scent when you want to go out? And that leads into the final reason: The quality of our products and scents. We don’t skimp on our ingredients in order to make a little extra money. We would much rather you enjoy our products and have confidence that the utmost care has been taken in sourcing and producing them.    

 Only the finest ingredients.
Only the finest ingredients.

“We’ve designed this cologne such that the small amount of heat created by the friction of your finger across the surface will melt a small amount, perfect for a reload.”

OK, I’m buying solid cologne, now what?

Application is a breeze and can be found on our Using Our Products page. How do we like to use it? I typically keep one tin my bathroom and one in my work bag. In the morning, I’ll take a few wipes across the surface and apply the cologne to my pulse points (wrist and neck). If the day is dragging on and I have an afternoon of meetings I’ll take a light whiff of my wrist and if the scent is not as strong as I need to overcome the smell of my day, I apply a little more. How much is a little more? That’s up to you, but for me it’s never more than one wipe across the surface of the cologne. We’ve designed this cologne such that the small amount of heat created by the friction of your finger across the surface will melt a small amount, perfect for a reload.  

Parting Thoughts

There is nothing more we can say but ‘Thank you.’ As The Bearded Savant has transitioned from pipe dream to reality to profitable we can do nothing more than thank you for trusting us to help you Live Handsome. It doesn’t matter how wonderful or amazing we think our products are, if you—our customers—didn’t give us the chance, we’d be sitting on a ton of beard oil and a whole lot of questions that start with, “What if…” So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.