Movember is on the horizon

What is Movember?

Movember—growing facial hair to raise awareness and funds to support prostate cancer research.


What are we doing for Movember?

During the month of November, men from all over the world grow their lovely facial locks to raise awareness and to raise money in support of prostate cancer research. In 2016, the Movember project raised $60 million and we want to do our part. Last year we offered a 1/2 oz beard oil (just the right size for a 4 week sprint) and sent 10% of net sales to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. This year we are going to do one better.

To recognize the month of Movember and to do our part, this year we will be offering the same great bottle of beard oil with 98% of net sales going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The remaining 2% will go to fulfill our promise to help end chronic homelessness in Austin, TX. 

We encourage you to find some friends, coworkers, fellow subway riders, or GoT watch party dudes and take part in the Movember challenge.

I have my Movember Beard Oil, now what?

  1. Use it! Start applying the beard oil to your face where you plan on growing facial hair. This will moisturize the skin and prepare your pores to be more pliable, which will greatly cut down on the itchiness factor when your hair starts growing.
  2. Continue to apply the beard oil (once or twice daily) as your awesome ‘stache/beard/goatee continue to grow in.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the compliments
  4. Realize you kind of like it and now need mustache wax. Don’t worry, we got you covered.


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